As a Licensed FL Real Estate Referral Agent.

Don't Become Another Sad Statistic!

After obtaining their real estate license, many agents feel like being eaten by piranhas with all the fees and costs to keep their license active during different stages of their careers. Frequently at the beginning, but also when transitioning to focus on other ventures or retirement. As a result, many miss the opportunity to stay active for not knowing about our Florida Referral Brokerage.

Stressed agent with all the cost

High Fees and Costs

From the beginning, agents have many costs to keep their license active in addition to the other costs of living we all have.

Florida Real Estate Referral Brokerage - agent referral

No Transactions

Due to different factors or personal choice, many agents don't have transactions. Eventually, covering the costs is a challenge.

Florida Real Estate Referral Brokerage helps you keep your license active

85% Let Go Their License

Undeniably, the failure rate is high. After all the work to get their license, many give it up because of the high cost.

We Know How it Feels. We can Help!

With our low-cost Florida referral brokerage, we help you keep your license active and save money so that you can still make thousands for referring clients to other agents.  And at the same time, you can focus on other goals or even enjoying the life you desire!

In addition, we even include your Post-Licensing and CE Education courses in our Standard+ and Elite+ plans! All in all, WE TRULLY HELP YOU SAVE AND KEEP YOUR FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LICENSE ACTIVE!

What is a real estate referral brokerage

The Process is Simple:



Our quick and easy sign-up process makes it simple so that you can join online right now with just a few clicks.



Secondly, you can cancel all those systems and membership you won’t need as a referral agent. 



Finally, relax and start referring your friends and family to the agents you know and trust. 

Florida Referral Brokerage

A Florida Referral Brokerage is a low-cost Real Estate Brokerage who focuses on helping agents keep their Florida real estate license active so that they can earn commissions for referrals. While a traditional brokerage requires you to have other expenses on top of their brokerage fees and splits, with our Florida Referral Brokerage you can let go of the Realtor® fees, MLS fees and other expenses. Especially if you are not currently assisting clients to justify those expensive costs. For example, if you are a brand-new agent looking to easy your way into the business, or a seasoned agent looking for a break or to retire, you don’t have to let go of your license. Instead, join us to keep it active as a referral agent.

Referral Only Real Estate Brokerage

Keep your license, earn commission

Undoubtedly, having a real estate license opens doors to different income opportunities. Even if you are not actively assisting clients. Instead of letting your license expire to transition to other ventures, you can keep it active with us to make money as a referral agent.

In other words, you can “Park” your Florida Real Estate License we us for a very low cost to keep it active. While your license is active, you can earn commission for referring family and friends to other agents.

Save thousands with our Florida Referral Brokerage

Basically, when you join us, you have No Realtor® fees, No MLS fees, and you avoid the other cost usually incurred when actively assisting clients. Besides taking advantage of our introductory low fees, you only pay your license renewal fee with the DBPR every two years. As a result, you save thousands.

If you are tired of paying all those expenses with no transactions to cover those costs, then join us to start saving and keep you license active!

Save money with our Referral Brokerage
Your Home Plus Referral Brokerage Licensing Courses Included

Your Florida Licensing Education Included!

In addition to help you save thousands with our plans, we include the Florida Required Licensing Education depending on the plan that you choose.

Even with our Basic Referral Agent Membership plan, your Continuing Education is included plus a generous discount for the other licensing courses. Including the Broker course if you would like to upgrade your license to Broker or Broker-Associate.

Enjoy Freedom with our Florida Referral Brokerage

Above all, you enjoy the freedom to live/work anywhere and explore other ventures, travel, or simply take a break from all the showings and appointments. 

Since we operate online, you can connect your referrals to the active agents you trust from anywhere. Then submit your referral agreement and referral details, so we know you have a check on the way. Once your commission is received, we process it and deposit your commission directly to your bank account or mail you a check.

Our Florida Referral Brokerage Introductory Pricing

In order to help you save, we offer 3 membership options to fit your budget and needs. Our Standard+ and Elite+ plans let you KEEP YOUR COMMISSION from any referral income you receive! So, click below to learn more!

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