Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

A referral only brokerage is a real estate brokerage that focuses on referring potential clients to other active agents and doesn’t represent clients in their real estate transactions. As a result, agents can skip most of the fees and dues conventional brokerages and agents carry when actively assisting clients in their real estate transactions.

The main benefit for agents is the ability to keep their real estate license active and eligible to receive commission for referring potential clients to others. This is very useful for agents who are not actively assisting clients, are retiring, or simply taking a break from real estate to focus on other activities.

Also, agents skip the vast majority of the expenses  incurred when actively assisting clients with their real estate transaction.

The sign up process is all done online with 3 easy steps after you select your plan:

  1. Pick one our Membership Options HERE.
  2. Sign the Independent Contractor Agreement (draft).
  3. Complete the checkout process.

Once we receive your order, will follow with the other compliance forms required to complete your membership to ensure that we will be able to pay you any commission you may earn.

No. Since we are not associated with NAR, the MLS, and only focus on referring clients to other active agents, you don’t have to join the Association of Realtors or MLS. 

If you are a member of the Realtor® Association and any MLS, you will need to cancel those membership with them.

Referral License Parking is a term used when an agent is not actively assisting clients but want to keep the license active to be able to receive commission for referring clients to other agents. So agents “park” their license to keep it active with the DBPR.

No. Florida law states that licensees can only receive compensation from their brokerage. So all compensation is paid to a brokerage who then pays the agent. So  when you send a referral to another agent, the broker of that agent can only pay agents in its firm, or another broker. 

No. You can only be licensed under one broker. When you join us, we will transfer your license over to us with the DBPR.

Cost and Pricing Related Questions:

We offer 3 Membership levels to fit your budget and needs. For our current pricing and fees please Click Here.

Our Standard+ and Elite+ plans do not have commission splits.

Only our Basic membership option have a commission split in addition to the disbursement processing fee. 

No. If you are a member of the Realtor® Association and any MLS, you will need to cancel those memberships. You save all those cost!

When you join us, you are responsible for your license renewal fee with the DBPR. Since we are associated with Your Home Plus Academy, we include your Sales Associate Post-Licensing education and/or the Continuing Education course if you join either our Standard+ or Elite+ plan.

Licensing Education through Your Home Plus Academy:

Your Home Plus Academy is our sister company that provides de educational content for agents and the public. Think of it as our sister company as we have the same founder.

The 45 Hour Sales Associate Post-Licensing Online Course and/or the 14 Hour Continuing Education Online Course, are included in our Standard+ and Advanced+ plans depending on which one applies to your renewal period.

In our Advanced+ plan, we include the Broker Path Education Pack which is the Broker 72 Hour Pre-Licensing Course, the Exam Prep Practice Question Bank and the Broker 60 Hour Post Licensing Education Online Course.

If you join in our Basic plan, you will have a special discounted pricing for those courses or you can upgrade as needed.

Once you have signed up for either our Standard+ or Advanced+ plan, simply request to be enrolled in the course you need when you are ready to begin your course. 

You are free to complete your required licensing education from any licensed provider you choose. However, no credit or discount will be given. 

Affiliate Program for Agent Referral

Our Affiliate Agent Referral Program gives you a bonus for each agent you refer to join this brokerage. When you referrer another agent to join this brokerage, you receive a 10% commission of their recurring subscription.

Yes. At this time this affiliate program is only available to agents subscribed in good standing with our brokerage as a value for their membership.

We see this brokerage growing and we want to make sure we share the growth with those who help us grow. As we are offering an introductory low fee, offering a percentage makes it easy in our system to incentivize those who help us grow. 

No. The commission is only earned from the recurring membership fees. The transaction fees and the commission of each agent are not subject to the affiliate program commission. Each agent keeps their commission from their referrals to other agents.

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